What if your riders chose you toand not just for your location!

My-UUU is first and foremost a unique listing site for equestrian centres in France, focusing on equine well-being. It allows you to highlight the activities on offer, prices, opening times, horse care, events, etc. You'll finally have the riders you want!

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Yes, you can join the My-UUU adventure!

But why?

Increase your visibility among the general public and the uninitiated.

Highlight your expertise, values and best practices.

Highlight your special features and publicise your events.

Be transparent about your practices and value customer feedback.

Offer a digital showcase accessible to all and move with the times.

Honouring your cavalry and the care you give them.

Promoting equine welfare and putting it at the heart of our concerns.

Combating bad practices and raising awareness.

Simplify your image management and improve efficiency.

Being geolocated and having an internet referencing.

What are the advantages?

In the spotlight

In the spotlight

A digital showcase for your organisation and its expertise

Quick and easy

Quick and easy

Simplified, accessible information, with a monthly report on your online activity and click-through tracking

You are here!

You are here!

Geolocation and referencing on a single platform!

Zero constraints

Zero constraints

A team dedicated to your platform, working to develop your visibility

Your personal assistant

Your personal assistant

The opportunity to promote your events, news and vacancies

100% winner!

100% winner!

Take advantage of partnerships for competitions and sponsorships

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on My-UUU in just a few clicks!

Highlighting, news, what's new in your club, customer testimonials, activity on your My-UUU page, etc.

Promote your club with testimonials from your customers

Share news and information about your club

Get monthly feedback on the activity on your My-UUU page


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